Resources - Forming a Limited Liability Company

The resources found on this page are basic. The issues concerning LLC formation can be complicated. Please understand that no legal advice is offered on this Page.

LLC_Formation_Considerations_08-25-10.pdf [36.03K]

VA_Form_Articles_of_Organization_-_SCC_Form_LLC-1011.pdf [52.39K]

MD_Form_Articles_of_Organization_-_MSDAT_Form.pdf [350.42K]

DC_Form_Articles_of_Organization_-_DCRA_Form_DLC-1.pdf [193.09K]

Form_Single_Member_Operating_Agreement.pdf [62.61K]

Obtain an Employer Identification Number (EIN) from the IRS

Operating Agreement - Every LLC with two or more members should have a written operating agreement. Please contact Demetris to assist you in preparing the operating agreement for your LLC.

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