Resources - Private Lending

The resources found on this page are basic. The issues concerning private lending can be complicated. Please understand that no legal advice is offered on this Page.

Sample_Loan_Commitment.pdf [51.41K]

Loan Closing Checklist.pdf [71.55K]

Promissory_Note_SIMPLE_FORM.pdf [71.13K]

Mortgages & Deeds of Trusts -- These instruments are complicated documents which are highly dependent on state law. It is recommended that you seek legal counsel if you wish to secure a private loan using real estate as collateral. Please contact Demetris to assist you in preparing deeds of trust for loans secured by real estate located in Virginia, Maryland or DC.

The Fannie Mae Website is a good resource for form loan documents typically used in personal, consumer loans secured by owner-occupied residential property. BUT CAUTION -- These forms are NOT appropriate for private loans made to for-profit enterprises secured by business assets.

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